Trauma, chaos, shock. Trauma because I have finally done what I wanted to do despite opposition. Chaos because I have finally done what I wanted to do despite opposition. And shock because I have finally done what I wanted to do despite opposition. I was told I could do what I wanted to since I can make my own choices and I merely obeyed. But who listens here? No one.

It’s a funny society we live in. People say we live in a free country and are independent to do what we want and have a free media.  That’s the most important part, having a free media despite the fact that journalists receive constant threats and are killed in cold blood every other day. But that doesn’t change the fact that we live in a free society. Anyway. That’s not what I want to discuss here. I was talking about how even obeying others (on your own terms) can get you into trouble. I did. Here’s what I got:

‘What have you done Farwa? Why can’t you ever listen to me?’

‘You don’t know how to value what you have; you’ll regret this.’

You are going to regret this. Mark my words. *sips tea*

‘People wish they had what you just got rid of. This is nashukrapan that’s what it is.’

The comments above probably give the impression that I ran away to marry an infidel. I thought that too. But my actual crime was chopping my hair off. Yes I cut my perfect, typical girl next door style waist long hair to shoulder length which I think made me look like a mean girl who doesn’t get rishtas because she’ll be an evil, manipulative bahu. This is not my opinion but of those who know the dastoor of the world. Not once did any one notice that I am comfortable with MY hair. No that doesn’t matter. Here you are not the one who decides how you should look or what makes you feel comfortable. Even your appearance is determined by the others. It’s not up to you to decide if you look good or bad or if you feel comfortable in a particular outfit or not. That’s for the people to decide. If they don’t like you the way you are you must change yourself and become what they want you to be only to hear that you’ve changed and not for the good.

On a positive note, this is one area where true democracy is practised in Pakistan. The will of the people is supreme.

P.S there might be some exaggeration in the reactions portrayed 😉

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  1. though its upsetting to see u run away before commenting 🙁 i’d say ganji hoja ek baar takay sab ek hi baar daant dein 😛

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