When you need a break from your hobby

Career-vs-HobbyWhen it came to choosing my profession and later a subject for my masters, I chose a field I’d enjoy working in, where I’d feel at ease and be able to work the way I liked. Work, I thought, wouldn’t feel like work anymore.

Four years of bachelors went by. I started working by the end of my 3rd year, like most people in my department. Though it was tough, managing studies and work together, it was never boring. My subject was not theoretical so I didn’t have to shut myself in a room to study. I enjoyed the busy schedule.

Then I got done with my degree and started working full time. By full time I mean that work was my only priority then because I had no university to care about. I worked for more than a year and enjoyed all the extra shifts, extra workload, and every shitty thing that comes along when you start a career. I got a chance to write a lot and that only made things better. In the mean time, I started my masters and this time I chose a subject that would allow me to go back to a forgotten hobby: reading.

When I realised my job isn’t really allowing me to give a lot of time to my studies, I quit. I thought that by giving time to literature (my subject) alone, I would be able to give time to myself. After all, what can be better than spending as much time with books as possible?

But after all this time, I have come to understand that maybe, by opting to study what I’d like to do in my free time I’ve ruined its charm. Often, I have to put off reading books I want to read because there is so much that I have to read for my subjects. As a result, the catharsis that came with reading is kind of ebbing away. And that is when I think that maybe I should have gone for some other subject or field so that I would have been able to retain my hobby instead of turning it in an academic experience.

Let’s face it, no matter how interesting your subject or career is, you have to put in extra effort. You need a diversion to restore your energy. And in order to relax you like to turn to something that would truly give you a break from all the tension of marks and work. If your career or subject is what you’d like to do in your free time, well, you aren’t really getting a break then. Even though I enjoy studying, because it really doesn’t feel like studying and I know I’ll enjoy work too when I get back in the job market, I can barely relax. I have nothing to take my mind off of the frustration that comes naturally with work and studies.

So here is a piece of advice: your hobby should never be your career or subject. I know this sounds crazy but I speak from experience.

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