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All I can see these days is weddings. Weddings everywhere. Whether its friends, family, Pakistani dramas, and now with Imran Khan’s wedding, even news is filled with marriage and filmy songs. It’s a shadi overdose!

Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings but the laal jora, ghoongat and filmy gane have become a bit boring to watch. So to join in on the frenzy, I present to you marriage customs and traditions around the world. I’m sure some of them will blow you away.

Let’s start with our beloved neighbor, China:

In China, the groom is supposed to shoot three arrows at the bride. The arrows are headless so no one gets hurt. Then he breaks them and this signifies that he will love his bride forever. Wow. Goes without saying that it is the wrong country to get married in. Unless you are a masochist.

china arrow


Russians have an interesting way of deciding who’ll be the boss. They race to altar and whoever reaches there first is declared as the head of the house. Also they are crowned on their wedding day and are treated like royalty throughout their big day.



If you aren’t macho enough guys, here’s an advice: don’t get married in Fiji. The groom has to fetch a whale’s tooth for the girl’s father to get his approval. The tooth of a whale represents wealth and prosperity.

whale tooth


My favorite wedding traditions are those of Germany though. Not only are they interesting, they are pretty practical as well. Well, to some extent.

If a girl is born to a German family, the proud parents plant trees. When the girl decides to get married, these trees are sold and the money is used to finance her wedding. People in Pakistan need to start doing this!

plant trees

The family and friends of the bride and groom also make a ‘wedding newspaper’, which contains pictures and stories of the couple. The newspaper is sold at the wedding and the money earned is used to pay for honeymoon. Romantic and economical. Awww!


A German couple has to cut a wooden log right after they get married. This is to represent that they will stick together through the thick and thin of life.



If you are a guest at a Greek wedding, feel free to break some dishes. No one will kick you out for it. It is believed that breaking dishes will keep demons and evil spirits away from the couple.



Who knew that women outside the subcontinent need to solemnly swear that they are up to everything good in front of their susral as well? A Japanese bride has to wear a headdress to hide her Horns of Jealousy that she feels for her mother-in-law. It is a way of showing that she will be a good, obedient wife.

japan horns

There are many more. Maybe I’ll compile them in another blog. For now, I think these will suffice 😀

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