We must not move on!


This is probably the first time that I want to write and put my pain in words, but am unable to do so. The incident in Peshawar has shaken me to the core. This sentence is stale and probably doesn’t convey much emotion but I don’t think anything can express the grief that I or anyone with a shred of humanity, is feeling at the moment.

Every day when I think of what the children must have gone through when they saw those guns pointed towards them, when they saw their friends lying in a pool of their own blood, when they saw their teachers being killed while saving them, I feel like I’ll go mad. Little children who didn’t even understand the meaning of terrorism were forced to think of survival tactics.

What sort of monsters kill children? I won’t drag religion into this because it’s not about religion anymore. This is beyond everything that is remotely human. Though that boundary was crossed long time ago, this incident has made everyone realize that it is time we stand up and demand a stop to this cruelty. One doesn’t have to be a parent to feel the pain, one doesn’t have to imagine being in their place, the mere thought of it is painful enough make anyone breakdown.

It has been ages since our nation has been angry at terrorists killing people. Every time our grief is overshadowed by accusations and defensive comments from apologists and angry retorts from sane minds. But this time no one is ready to accept anything the apologists have to say in defense. Not like they have anything to say in order to justify this ruthlessness. The question now is, how long will this anger last?

We have a habit of forgetting the injustice that is done to us and, to make ourselves feel better, we call it ‘moving on’. Are we stone-hearted enough to move on from this tragedy as well? Will we hold our authorities by the collar and ask them why nothing is being done to punish those behind this massacre once they pat themselves on the shoulder after they make a commission? Surely if people can come out on streets and stay there for months because Imran Khan told them to, they can come out again to demand justice for the little angels.

This time let’s not forget. Let’s not move on. Let’s keep grieving and keep our anger intact till those who have been killing us everywhere have nowhere to hide and are brought to justice. Enough is enough!


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