This summer’s agenda: Finding Na Maloom Afraad

I’m never really excited about the release of a Pakistani film.  Even though the movies are good, most of them show what we see in our daily lives: destruction in Pakistan. There is no fantasy, we are not transported to another world and once we are done watching the movie, we are more depressed than happy. The ‘feel good’ factor is missing. This summer, however, things are different. With so many movies, all of different genres coming out, I can’t help but anticipate the release of most of them. One of those movies is Na Maloom Afraad.

Let’s start with the cast. The film brings both old and new faces on screen, many of whom are renowned for their talent on television. Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh and Mohsin Abbas Haider play the leading trio of miscreants who struggle to get away with their eccentric and destructive plans, undetected. Urwa Hocane is the female lead who will be playing Fahad Mustafa’s love interest while Salman Shahid will appear as a villain.



The film is set in the most happening city of Pakistan. Yes you guessed it: Karachi. Fahad Mustafa’s character seems to be the lead miscreant who leads his friends in bizarre situations that usually lead to havoc. Javed Sheikh is the innocent one, who keeps trying to fit in and stay away from trouble at the same time. Mohsin Abbas Haider is apparently the chill dude who just likes to go with the flow without giving a damn about what would happen later.

Now, if the cast is not enough to excite you, I don’t know what is. Oh no, actually I do. Mehwish Hayat, the glamour queen, appears as guest star and will apparently be doing an item number. Now you are perking up.



But there is more coming. Have you seen the trailer yet?

Na Maloom Afraad’s trailer is one of the most exciting ones I’ve seen so far. And yes, that includes Kambakht’s trailer too (it doesn’t mean I won’t watch it though). It starts with a dramatic ‘kehte hain hartaloun mai sab ka bura hota hai. Par hamara bhala hone wala tha,’ accompanied by clips of burning buses and people running in panic and is followed by a tensed Fahad Mustafa and his two peeps. And then begins the excitement.

The trailer includes all the elements that would encourage you to make plans to go and watch the movie when it comes out. It makes the viewer anticipate how much more the story holds and how each character will develop and affect the situation at hand. The 2.50 minute trailer is jam packed with chaos, romance, dance, humour and glamour and ends with the three mischief makers sitting on a roof identifying the unidentified persons that are so common in Karachi:

‘Na maloom afraad? Wo kahan se ayen ge?’

‘Wo ham hain!’



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  1. I’m personally looking forward to Moor and Dukhtar. Namaloom Afraad is very much like Hera Pheri – too Bollywood for moi! I’ll still watch it though. :p Glad to know I’m nit the only one.

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