The Newbie Diaries

The other day I was watching some movie, the name of which I can’t remember, depicting the life of a girl from a small town who moves to a big city to get a good job and then, when she gets it, her employer puts tons of pressure on her and makes her insecure with the mental torture.

Had I seen this movie a couple of years back, I would have been horrified at the amount of pressure on the new employee, the constant judgements and criticism. I would have cursed her boss and colleagues for making her feel insecure and petty. Anyway, then the new girl finally proves herself and climbs up the career ladder, her friends and family start complaining about how she has become ignorant and has no time for them any more. At this point I would have called her a bitch for changing herself for a job. Well I wouldn’t have used that word for her exactly since I had a very civilised tongue back then.  But I would have thought bad of her. But now…I’m part of that world and things have changed. Perspective has changed.


When you are in profession, when you place yourself in the market, you can’t afford to care. Simple as that. You can’t stop and look at people you’ve left behind and feel sorry for them. You are your first priority and you can’t hold yourself back in sympathy for others. If you don’t keep on moving ahead, you are out.

As for family and friends, well if you manage your time you can give them appropriate time. But when it’s a new job it keeps you busy for a while and it takes time to settle down. You don’t have the time or energy to listen to the constant complaints, you expect them to understand that you’re busy, that you’re working hard and that you get tired and expect them to be nice about it. Last thing a newbie needs is to go home to grumpy parents/spouse.

When things at work settle down, everything falls into place. So whining about how people change when they get a job becomes a real pain for the person who is already under a lot of pressure. Plus change is a part of life. No one stays the same forever, they need to change to adjust in the changing circumstances. This world needs to grow up.

P.S. so do I. I think 😛

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  1. oh people are never happy. when you are free and have ample time, they complain you dont do anything with your life. When you are busy doing something they complain you dont take out time for them. sheesh!

  2. an awesome post dearie… I mean O lord… last nights discussion I had with Basma Siddiqui has decided to haunt me… :P…. but yaar u r sooo true abt everything u said… 🙂

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