It has been quite a while since anything going on in the country has affected me in any way. I have successfully become numb to all the horrid things happening around me every day, mainly because I have given up hope that any of it will change. But the recent incident in Hangu, where a 13 year old kid, Aitezaz Hussain, died, trying to stop a suicide bomber from bombing his school, saving hundreds of lives, managed to shake the ‘behiss’ wall I’d built around me.

Then, earlier today, in yet another horrifying blast, SP CID Chaudhry Aslam was killed. Several attempts had been made to kill him in the past and this time, the killers got their wish. The reason why his death has affected so many is because he was one of the few who aren’t afraid of naming and standing up against the terrorists. The wall around me shook a bit harder.

But the hopelessness remains. Even with such brave and dedicated people amongst us, we are still plagued with decade old problems and are still not ready to accept and deal with them. What are we willing to change to make sure that these heroes didn’t die in vain? In a few days, we will start hearing theories proving that both the martyrs weren’t as noble as they are said to be, that they don’t deserve so much attention, that thousands of others are dying every day, that drone attacks are still our biggest problem.

We are a nation who loves to malign our heroes and defend our enemies. We don’t want to be saved. All we have is meaningless words and theories that we cook up because we can’t serve our country in a better way. Our lives will only become worth saving when our mindsets are healed.

4 thoughts on “Speechless”

  1. Things are getting ugly in our country but hopefully we have brave people like that kid and that’s why I never give hope for Pakistan. InshAllah it will fight against the problems and will rise. Beautifully written 🙂

    1. We have brave people like that kid, yes, but who cares about them? Everyone is playing the blame game here. And even if brave people like Ch Aslam and Aitezaz do keep fighting, whom will they be fighting for? A thankless nation who can’t even unite on petty issues? 🙁

  2. Our government and our army have miserably failed in controlling extremism and terrorism. And there are stakes of other governments and countries to get matters worse. Lets hope that more and more heroes like aitzez and aslam rise and bring peace.

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