Sangeen Treason


The seemingly invincible finally broke down. The judiciary proved it’s indeed supreme. Round of applause for the brave souls who dared to stand up to a dictator cum traitor like Pervez Musharraf.

While I am happy that our judiciary is now ‘free’, I wish the justice imposed by the courts wasn’t subjective. Yes, leaders should be held accountable since they serve the state and therefore, must be questioned. But they shouldn’t be manipulated.

What exactly has Musharraf done to be called a traitor? Someone please tell me who did he betray? He can be charged for a lot of things but treason is not one of them. He pushed the country into war. So did Ayub Khan and Ziaul Haq. He violated the constitution. So did former dictators and ‘democratic’ governments. The dictators legalized the violation by using the ‘Doctrine of Necessity’. Maybe it’s because of that they aren’t termed as traitors. The elected governments passed amendments whenever it was necessary (for them). Every president and prime minister of Pakistan has manipulated the law. Every time the judiciary somehow justified their actions.

Ayub Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto pushed the country into war in 1965 and then the latter’s ego led to the breakup of Pakistan in 1971. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying that, but it is the truth. Why aren’t they called traitors? Why are they treated as heroes of history? Z.A Bhutto amended the constitution the next day it was passed by the assembly. But he is still a hero. Sure he did a lot for Pakistan but the same can be said for Musharraf as well.

Ziaul Haq hanged a democratic leader on charges that he couldn’t prove against him, he uprooted the constitution and dissolved the assembly more than once and didn’t hesitate in sacking a prime minister who didn’t agree with him. To top it all, he participated in a war which is haunting us till today. How many times has our media or judiciary called him a traitor?

Irony is that we don’t even realize the gravity of the situation. To call your army chief a traitor raises questions about the entire state’s credibility. By declaring the chief of army as a traitor, you are actually suggesting that the army, perhaps the most respected institution in our country, is insincere.

Musharaff must be punished for the crimes he has committed. Not for the ones that he has been accused of by those who hold a personal grudge against him.

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