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The other day I was watching this video of a debate between Oxford students, I guess, where a Muslim student was defending Islam, claiming that it’s not a terrorist religion, contrary to popular belief. I have absolutely no objections to this statement and agree with him completely. Islam is the religion of peace, a complete religion that addresses all humanity. It is not an idealistic religion, as most want it to be, neither is it violent. It takes every aspect of human psychology into account which includes kindness as well as violence. Violence is a part of human nature and it needs to be dealt with in order to keep the society harmonious. However it doesn’t allow discrimination, doesn’t encourage terrorism in the name of Allah and condemns all the heinous acts and ideology of the terrorists. If anyone tries to actually study Islam without being shallow, they’ll see the logic behind all its teachings.

Anyway, this post is not an explanation of my religion. I believe that Allah and Islam are above the petty criticisms of people who are incapable of listening to other people’s point of view and are trapped inside the small box of what they call their opinion. Allah doesn’t need to be defended, He is beyond that and petty human claims do not, in any way, affect His existence and His message. If someone wants to believe otherwise, it’s their choice and Allah has given us all the freedom to choose our own ways after sending down the truth. In short, we can’t influence anyone’s thinking as most people try to do.

boastingWhat I really want to write about is the fact that we, the Muslims, curse the world for misunderstanding us. The question is, haven’t we done the same? Haven’t we limited Islam to whatever suits us? We have deprived girls from receiving education because they are supposed to observe ‘pardah’. How in the world does purdah stops anyone from receiving education? Islam has made it obligatory for every Muslim man and woman to seek knowledge and we stop girls from obeying this important instruction.

We boast about historic Muslim rulers, mathematicians and chemists and all the important discoveries they made in their respective fields. But apart from taking pride in those dedicated researchers, what else do we do to honour them? Apart from condemning non-Muslims, who actually strived to gain knowledge and made important discoveries which made our lives much easier, what else have we done practically? Have we ever tried to study this vast universe Allah has created for us so that we can develop further? No we are too busy thinking about what’s halal and what’s haram. You come across the most stupid and illogical discussions (read arguments) which take seconds to become abusive, about Islamic teachings. While cursing each other for believing what we think is wrong, we forget that Allah has clearly and strictly prohibited Muslims to be abusive or hurt someone’s feelings, no matter which religion or sect they belong to. We also forget that He has also, in the Quran, said that when Muslims talk they should keep their voices low and polite.

If we are capable of forgetting such basic orders it’s no wonder that we forget that Allah has ordered us to read and gain knowledge of the world we live in.

BTW I absolutely loved that video!!!


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  1. ok … I seriously have no freaking idea how I got to this blog … surfing the net whilst sleep deprived can do that to a person; anyways I just wanted to say though I do agree with whatever you just blurted out like a 100% but umm the link for the video is broken ? I’d like to watch that video plz … post a new link maybe. thank you. cheers.

      1. oh THAT video … yeah saw it a week ago or sth … yup it was good, would have been perfect for me if he hadn’t given Tahir-ul-Qadri as a reference. But like otherwise a good listen.

  2. You got me captivated with this line in the start “He is beyond that and petty human claims do not, in any way, affect His existence and His message” and I read it through to the end. Glad I did. It’s a wonderful piece of writing.

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