How to deal with a numb brain?

So it’s almost been a week since I’ve published a new post. Though I have some blog posts planned, for some reason I don’t want to publish them. At the moment, that is. But I still want to write something, the problem, however, is what? My mind is numb. You see I have hit a block and not for the first time.

Every time I start a new venture, project, whatever you may call it, I really throw myself into it. I plan ahead, come up with new ideas. But after some time the enthusiasm starts waning. I start finding reasons I cannot go on. This is why self-employment scares me. There is no one to threaten me with termination if I don’t turn something in.

Before this site I had two blogs, both of which I was really excited about when I made them. I worked hard on them and then after some time, I got busy with my job or university and well…got bored. Then two weeks ago I bought this domain because I was really serious about blogging, (I still am, I swear) spent time on it, promoted it, planned content and where I want to take it in future, all in one week. Since the past two, three days though, I have started to feel bored and tired. It’s not because I haven’t been getting feedback or response. Today marks the 20th day of my site and as of now, I have close to a 1000 hits. Considering my lack of expertise, I don’t think my stats have been that bad. I still have a long way to go, a lot to learn and yet here I am writing and rewriting posts and then erasing them completely.

At the cost of sounding extremely dramatic, I want to tell the reader that I knew this day would come. This time though, I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to shove my hard work in a corner. Therefore I am writing this mumbo jumbo instead of the posts I had planned to work on so I can get rid of the monotony that my brain is protesting against. Now do you see why I don’t want to stick to a niche? Why I would like to write about anything and everything?

When I started writing this, I thought I’d just write about the book I am reading currently (The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins). You know stuff like what I think of the story, (it is very interesting, so far) how much I’ve read, (I’m on page 89) what genre does it belong to, (mystery) etc. I ended up writing this dramatic monologue instead. If you are reading this, I’m sorry. I really wanted to keep it interesting but I really can’t help it, I’m a very dramatic person.

#NowReading The Woman in White. Quite intriguing. #bookstagram #bookgram #bookmark #reading

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One thing I’m truly excited about is the guest blog that I will be posting tomorrow. I wanted to post it today but I didn’t want to steal the limelight of this masterpiece. Kidding, I don’t want to spam the inbox of my email subscribers. So stick around, a guest post is coming!

Oh and if you want to contribute, you are more than welcome 🙂


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4 thoughts on “How to deal with a numb brain?”

  1. I can really relate to your post. I find that I too lose momentum after starting something that I was really excited about. Not just with blogging but other things in life. For blogging, when I see very little readership or none at all, I get discouraged and say why bother? But I have to remember WHY I started and just continue on.

  2. This happens to me a lot. But recently, I started having less and less of it. I guess my brain has realized this is now part of my life.

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