No, You Did It!!!

Pakistan has tons of problems and each looks more sinister than the other. No one, no matter how blissfully optimistic, denies that. However, that is not an excuse for shying away from condemning any short-comings of society because there is a greater evil present. Blaming the army for the government’s failure, blaming the law-enforcement agencies for people’s inability to follow the law, blaming the judiciary for reopening corruption cases and the blame game continues. Disagreeing with everyone is the new definition of an intellectual mind in Pakistan. Other than cricket, nothing of substance seems important or strong enough to unite us.

It’s not like we don’t understand what’s going on around us. Thanks to our incredibly loud media (and the conspiracy theorists, how can I forget to mention them) we know a bit too much about the circumstances we are facing as a nation. We also realise that in order to come clean out of all the mess we need to unite and accept that there is something wrong. Yet we continue to do our best to degrade others as much as possible by negating them when they try to raise their voice against the injustice being faced by the society. If someone condemns corrupt politicians and try to commend SC’s measures to recover the money they stole from tax-payers, we criticise them for ignoring the misdeeds of the military forces. If SC issues an order to recover IDPs, we want them to tackle corruption. When CJ crosses his limits and institutions demand him to stand accountable we want the establishment to declare their assets. In short we are reluctant to take a stand against any issue because there are other problems to be dealt with as well. As a result we end up doing nothing.

Then there are the conspiracy theories which conveniently convince people that none of our problems are actually problems, they are in fact propaganda by the Jews, Indians, Americans and all the rest of the foreign elements in the world who exist to hate and conspire against us. What we refuse to admit is that even if these elements do love to conspire against us, we are the ones who let them. By openly insulting and bashing each other because of different opinions, different beliefs, different religions, we provide them the opportunity to exploit us. We are the ones who are divided. We deviate from the real issue, blame the wrong people, sympathise with the criminals and then we confidently claim that the rest of the world is twisted. What we forget is that you see what you want to see and perceive your vision the way you want to perceive it. May be you’ll find a lot to fix if you take an unbiased look at your society.

7 thoughts on “No, You Did It!!!”

  1. hahahh people love conspiring against us 😀
    well said we have so many issues we arent sure where to begin
    so many corrupt people we dont know who to blame
    thats partially because we have politicians who only plan to solve problems of the constituencies or their provinces or problems they have taken up to gather votes unless we find someone whom we can trust with solving all the issues nothing is going to happen

    1. The problem is that even the people have lost hope. They don’t trust the system so even if a politician tries to do something good we refuse to acknowledge the effort and criticise him even more.

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