New Beginnings!

Hey there!

So I’ve been pretty inactive on this blog for a while. The last few months were tough on me. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, where I stand and was just confused all over. I planned so much and then dropped everything because my mind would discourage me. Most of all, I was freaking out because I thought time was slipping away from my hands and I would never be able to do anything in life.

After my birthday last month though, I tried to think clearly (thankfully I succeeded) and now I have a plan, strategy, idea, whatever you call it. Recently I read somewhere that one of the reasons so many people in the US suffer from depression and anxiety is because they have a lot of options and they can’t decide what to do. I figured this was one of my problems as well. I was thinking about doing so much that I couldn’t focus on anything. And if you can’t focus on what you’re doing you can’t be good at it no matter how amazing your skill set is. So now I’ll try to take one thing at a time.

Another thing I realized was holding me back was the fact that I measured my ‘success’ in comparison to others. I looked up to everyone who I thought was doing better than me (which was literally everyone around me in my opinion) and tried to work the way they did and when that didn’t work out for me (surprise!) I gave up and just got more upset. This also meant that I discarded all my ideas thinking they weren’t ‘good enough’. I can’t even tell you how much courage it’s taken for me to admit this to myself but now that I have, I can at least move on and do what I like.

I’d started writing drama reviews on a new blog I made but I’ve been away from that too since the past couple of weeks. In my defense though, I was actually busy and wasn’t just my procrastination and demotivation. If you’re interested, you can read those reviews here. I’ll be updating more reviews soon.

I’m also trying to make my lifestyle healthier, both mentally and physically and will update my progress here. Reading a few new books too so I’ll also write my opinions on those. I say opinion because I don’t think I am well read enough to write a proper book review. So yeah, from now on my blog posts will be quite different from the ones in the past. Stay with me!


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