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Karachi's open secret - Na Maloom Afraad

This movie had been on my must watch list since I saw the trailer. What added to my desperation were the positive reviews from nearly all my friends who didn’t mind ditching me at all while going to watch it. #Sadlife. Anyway, since I didn’t want to watch it alone, I had to beg my boss to accompany me. Never have I been so enthusiastic about watching a Pakistani movie. And I was not disappointed.


The story revolves around three ‘halat key sataye hue’ individuals who just can’t find a solution to their miseries. Moon, (Mohsin Abbas Haider) hails from a meerasi family but doesn’t want to follow the legacy. He wants to go to Dubai but can’t. Reason: he has no money. Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) is an insurance agent who, like every other insurance agent, sucks at selling policies leading his boss to kick him out. Shakeel (Javed Sheikh) is Farhan’s landlord. His source of income: pickles made and sold by his wife and sister and the rent that Farhan never pays. The constant mishaps compel the three to join forces and ‘plan’ to put an end to their financial constraints in the most bizarre manner possible: storing money in a bank and wait for it to burn down on a strike.

Though the film drags at some points, it is interesting overall. The humor is pretty unconventional for a Pakistani flick. It depicts everyday situations a common man goes through in the most hilarious way possible. Sexual jokes are cracked now and then. But you will laugh out loud nonetheless.

The acting by the leading men is amazing. Mohsin Abbas Haider is refreshing addition to the industry. He acts as good as he raps. The director managed to extract the best of all actors, including those who made guest appearances. I found Urwa’s character a bit annoying, but her acting is much better. The songs are OK. Mehwish Hayat’s highly anticipated ‘item song’ Billi did not really live up to the hype but still, she put up a good performance.

Considering that most of our filmmakers are concentrating on producing movies that circle around our country’s political scenario, Na Maloom Afraad is a breath of fresh air. It is definitely not what you’d expect from Pakistani cinema at this point. While it does portray the political situation of Karachi, it concentrates on how citizens deal with the turbulent situation of the city. I’m sure every Karachiite will be able to relate to the scenarios presented. The direction is pretty good, so is the cinematography. All in all, a pretty good watch and definitely a milestone for the Pakistani cinema. Highly recommended, especially with friends.

I’ll rate it 4/5.

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