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movie-of-the-weekI’ve been on a movie binge lately. It’s not just new movies that I’ve been watching, but many old ones as well. So one fine night, while I was strolling idly on my roof, I thought, why don’t I turn these sleepless nights into something productive?

What is Movie of the Week all about?

Movie of the Week won’t always be one that I like, of course. So expect some bitching too. But it’s a lifestyle blog, so anything is game right?

Every week, I’ll pick a movie, old or new, and post my take on it for you loyal readers who obviously revere my opinions so much. If you missed any of my other reviews, you can always check them out in the Movie Reviews section.

Drop in your requests

I’ll also be taking requests, so if you want me to review a movie, you can email, Facebook or tweet me. The links of all my social media accounts are given below.

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