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Long time no see. Again. This is something I say a lot, now that I come to think about it. To family, friends, assignments, work, even writing.

Anyway, relax. This is not an emo post about how sorry I am for being AWOL most of the time. I’m pretty sure everyone around me is used to this attitude by now. And as for avoiding studies and work, I don’t even want to think about how I’m going to suffer because my procrastination level has hit a new low and I’m sure no one can match it. Even now, I’m supposed to be working on my research and here I am.

No, this post is about a small change I have introduced in my routine (and by I have I mean I mean to) and I’m really excited to share it for some reason.

So I went to this craft fair yesterday because my bestie had put up her stall there. She and one of our uni seniors are working on a stress-relieving colouring book called Phuljhari, the first of its kind in Pakistan and they have the most amazing patterns for you all to colour your heart out. They showcased their patterns yesterday. Check it out:


I’m getting carried away, I’ll get back to the point.

I was roaming around and came across some cute little notebooks and my wallet started itching so I had to buy them. I mean duh! But I already have a lot of journals and notebooks so I had to come up with a legit reason to justify to myself why I absolutely needed these little babies and that’s when it came to me: I can maintain an idea book! I’m always moaning about how ideas skip my mind before I can write them. But these notebooks are small so I can keep them with me all the time and every time I come up with something to write about, or any sentence that comes to my mind that just needs to be written down, I can jot it down and work on them later. Even if it’s something stupid. With a bit of thinking, the most stupid sounding ideas can turn out to be the best ones. Writing things down also helps you remember things even if you don’t look at what you’ve written down later. You just remember. At least I do.

Maintaining this ‘Idea Book’ might actually enable me to write more often. I don’t even know why I’m so excited about this. I guess it’s because I’ve just bought it. New notebooks and journals make me happy like little else can.

Here’s the first one. I’ve written my name in it so my plan is in action already.


Isn’t this cute?! I don’t even like cats but this one looks like me in the morning before I have my jug of tea. My mug is really huge.

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