Kubra Dagli: Hijab and Taekwondo

Public opinion amongst liberals and conservatives is divided over whether it’s ok for a taekwondo champion to wear a hijab or not. A world that keeps screaming for women rights and freedom cannot settle with a sportswoman’s choice of covering her head while she plays. Her talent or passion is not of consequence, it is a piece of cloth that covers her head that has caused uproar.

It’s a strange world to live in. Where every one of your moves is scrutinised so closely that it becomes suffocating. Just because someone chooses or lives life differently from us must mean they are either amoral or trapped. By associating each and every lifestyle choice that people make with an institution, society takes the license to pass judgments on things that are none of its concern.

Those who emit gallons of carbon dioxide every minute telling everyone with ears just how important it is for everyone to have personal freedom are the first ones to protest when someone makes a choice that is not compatible with their definition of freedom. At times these situations become too bewildering to even shake your head at them so you just stare with your mouth open.

People are not angered when girls are bullied, catcalled and fingered by men in public places, they are not bothered by the misogynist attitude they have to face at work, they don’t care about the challenges they have to face to get an education in most parts of the world but it outrages them if a woman succeeds wearing something they don’t approve of or wear something they believe will keep her from succeeding but she still does.

A phrase that constantly pops up nowadays is ‘this is the 21st century’ mostly when people try to prove that cruel norms of the past have no place in the contemporary world. There is no better lie to tell ourselves. People of this advanced century are just as cruel, interfering and judgemental as they were in the past. Times have changed for sure. Sadly human nature hasn’t.

The good news is, however, that women (and men too) who are focused on themselves seldom care about what others think of them. They let their work speak for them. So Kubra Dagli, you go girl!

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