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How I waited for this movie! Even though I didn’t have high expectations, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to watch Fawad Khan’s Bollywood debut. To my immense surprise and delight, it didn’t live up to my expectations at all. And I enjoyed it even more because of the lively crowd that knew when to awww, oohhh, cheer and applaud.

Before I move on to the story line, I want to mention that I haven’t seen the original Khoobsurat so I am not comparing the two.

Though it is just another Disney love story of a prince and a not-so-royal girl and is, therefore, totally predictable but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The story revolves around Milli (Sonam Kapoor) who is a sports physiotherapist who is hired by the Rathore family to recover Shekhar who was paralyzed in an accident and Vikram Rathore, the prince of the family. The Rathores are a quiet lot who follow strict discipline; something completely alien to Milli.

As for the prince charming, who is a shrewd businessman and extremely serious, he has zero tolerance for Milli owing to her intrusive and loud personality but he softens as she adds some color to the palace and in his life. But that doesn’t change the fact that the two are poles apart and Vikram is engaged. Oops! So how will love conquer all?


Fawad Khan played his part really well, and I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge fan, he truly did endorse his part as Prince Vikram. His acting was fabulous and he managed to be in sync with every actor. Even Sonam. The scenes involving the two were really cute 😉 All the eye rolling and sighing as Milli annoyed him with every breath she took, said all he left unsaid. Same goes for all those scenes where he felt attracted towards her, his expressions were as loud as his dialogues. And his killer looks, of course, made all his scenes more attractive.


Sonam Kapoor, on the other hand…someone should have told her that there is a clear difference in being chirpy and annoying. Considering that she played an extremely good sports physiotherapist who worked with the likes of Dhoni and Yuvraj, her character had no class. In most of her scenes you just feel like telling her to calm down for once. She was clearly trying too hard and went over the top while she was at it. To her credit though, she carried her horrendous costumes with ease and managed to look pretty throughout.khoobsurat_48_7330_12524

The senior actors, Ratna Pathak as Nirmala Devi Pathak aka Rani sa and Vikram’s mother, Aamir Raza Husain as Shekhar, Vikram’s father and Milli’s patient, Kiron Kher as Manju, Milli’s mother and Kaizaad Kotwal as Milli’s dad were all good.

Ups: the humour; Kiron Kher added a lot of laughter to the movie as Manju who is as loud as her daughter, the songs that are mostly dance numbers save for Naina; sets; Milli and Vikram’s mental commentary every time they set eyes on each other; and of course Fawad Khan.

Downs: Sonam’s acting; Sonam’s wardrobe and the lack of drama. I mean the ‘break up’ was too smooth. And Fawad Khan’s dance moves. I wish I wouldn’t have had to watch him dance.

All in all, a good watch. I’d rate it 3.5/5.


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