Is Bol worthy of defense?

892002-axact-1432551236-716-640x480Ongoing Axact scandal has raised a lot of questions over Bol and the credibility of journalists who joined it, all of which are respected names in the industry. Few of them, that include Kamran Khan and Asma Shirazi, have left the channel and others may follow suit. This does make one wonder why they didn’t investigate the organisation’s activities before they joined. But there is another issue that is being brought to light: the ‘media trial’ of Bol.

After grilling the sham company for weeks, many journalists have now busied themselves in condemning media hostility towards the upcoming channel. Apparently it’s an attack on media. How? That’s for the people to figure out.

There is no dispute over the fact that media reporting of Axact scandal was beyond pathetic but honestly, that’s how Pakistani media deals with every issue no matter how sensitive it is. It also excels at blowing things out of proportion.

What I don’t understand is the logic behind Bol’s damnation affecting media freedom. The channel is funded by a firm whose reputation had always been questionable and now it has been accused, with strong evidence, of being involved in a worldwide scam. How can you defend its ‘integrity’? Does it even have any?


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  1. The fundamental question one needs to ask is that can anybody create a university in his home or online without approval of any regulatory body like HEC…if YES than Axact has the right to create as many online universities as it desires…if NO then we must have rules for this…and stop all these institutes operating out of homes all over the country!

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