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Humsafar is back with a bang (most probably because HUM TV has nothing good to air) and though I was one of the many who joined in the Humsafar mania, the fact remains that hot shots like Ashar (if they exist in the real world) never prefer ‘sada and masoom’ Khirads over the glamorous Saras. The following is inspired by real life situations, though much different in nature, but the bias factor was the same. The conclusion is, appearance matters more than grey matter.

This is how Humsafar trio will behave in real life.

Scene 1

Characters: Khirad, Ashar, Sara

Place: Curtain shop

Ashar: Which colour would you prefer for the living room’s curtains? Blue or purple?

Khirad (in a low voice): Ummm…

Ashar (smirking): Take your time. You have 10 seconds.

Khirad (after a while, in low voice): Blue, I suppose.

Enter Sara.

Sara (grinning, too suggestively): HI Ashar.

Ashar (mirroring her expression): Right on time Sara. We are deciding which colour would be better for our living room curtains. Blue or purple? Khirad says blue. (Turns towards Khirad again) So any particular reason for not choosing purple?

Khirad (in a low voice): Purple is too flashy.

Ashar (sighs in exasperation and disregards her answer): What do you think Sara?

Sara (flashing another smile): Blue because purple is too flashy.

Ashar: You’re right. You were right too Khirad but you see Sara has a proper explanation of her choice.

You better take notes Khirad.
You better take notes Khirad.

Scene 2

Characters: Khirad, Ashar, Sara

Place: Dining room

Khirad and Sara cook up some food. Ashar sits down to taste.

Ashar (looking down on Khirad’s dish dispassionately): Hmm.

Takes a bite, nods and pushes it back without comment.

Ashar (smiling widely at Sara): So what have you cooked up today Sara?

Sara smiles and bats her eyelashes and puts down her platter.

Ashar: I’m already sure it’s delicious. (Takes a bite)  And I was right! Good job, again.

Sara: OMG Ashar gave me a compliment, you have made my day! Thank you.

Khirad: Was there something wrong with mine?

Ashar: Oh, no nothing. But Sara’s looked better. (Winks at Sara as she flashes her evil grin at Khirad)

Sara (in a fake polite voice): Oh but I’m sure she tried her best.

You Rock, Sara!
You Rock, Sara!
Oh stop it you! Khirad you are allowed to leave.
Oh stop it you! Khirad, you are allowed to leave.

Scene 3

Characters: Khirad, Ashar, Sara

Place: Ashar’s office

Ashar, Khirad and Sara are discussing a ‘business presentation’.

Ashar: So sales are going down. You have 10 seconds to come up with a suggestion to improve them.

After 10 seconds:

Khirad: Improve product quality.

Sara: Launch a colourful advertising campaign.

Ashar: Sara is right. Packaging attracts customers, not quality Khirad. Think rationally.


Favouritism sucks. Sucks, I tell you.

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