HP fever goes on

I’ll confess, Harry Potter is my eternal love. Even the movies, that I know are far from perfect, but have high sentimental value. The imperfections of the movies however haven’t stopped HP crazies from making awesome memes and gifs. Here are a few of them that I particularly like:

Hence proven = Harry is a diva with no brains.
But he is also incredible sassy which makes his brainlessness digestible.
He sums up my weekend plans very aptly
No bigger joy than reminding the world of how utterly useless Bella’s character is, esp. when compared to Eowyn and Hermione.
And he’s sensitive! And clearly misses Grade 5 art classes.
Honestly this will be the best thing EVER!
Poor Harry!
So apt even the QUEEN approved!
So apt, even the QUEEN approved!

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