5 reasons you should watch Hindi Medium

A lot of people are debating over whether to spend their weekend watching Hindi Medium or Half Girlfriend. I haven’t seen Half Girlfriend, not because I didn’t get a chance but because I have read the novel. So I made the sensible choice and saw Hindi Medium instead. Here are five reasons you should do the same.

The Hindi Medium leads: Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar

Enough said. Still want me to go on? I will gladly oblige.

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Did I mention Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar were my motivation behind watching this movie? Well there is a reason. Both Khan and Qamar know the art of being subtle and realistic which makes their performances all the more enjoyable. While I don’t watch a lot of Bollywood movies, (there is no patriotic reason behind that) the ones I have seen of this particular Khan have always left me impressed.

As for Qamar, she is one of my favourite actresses of the current generation. There are few that are as dedicated to their profession as she is and it is obvious in all her performances that she puts in a lot of effort in each project she does. Watching her alongside Irrfan Khan was a treat. They worked together extremely well. She could not have asked for a better debut.

The Plot


Raj (Irrfan Khan), Mita (Saba Qamar) and their daughter Pia (Dishita Sehgal) are your average middle class family who want the best for their child. In this case, the best is to get Pia in an elite ‘English medium’ school so she can grow up to be a confident woman who is capable of keeping up with the world (the rich part) and who won’t end up taking drugs because she feels lonely and depressed.

Hindi Medium is not your usual masala film but it raises an important issue and also leaves an impact on the viewer. It is not only relevant to Indian audiences. It is just as relatable to Pakistan where class influences the type of education your child receives and the opportunities they get later in life.


Irrfan Khan ho or humour na ho! Kia bat karte ho sahib? His perfect timing and delivery will make you laugh out at the most serious moments, much to Mitu’s dismay whose only comeback is to ask him to spell everything she says.

It manages to not get mushy


Well most of the times. Unlike other movies with a ‘social message’, Hindi Medium manages to be entertaining without losing its grip on the plot. It had all the potential of becoming a dramatic preachy mush that most movies end up being, but a strong script, good direction and Khan/Qamar’s duo prevented it from that fate. 


While Qamar and Khan rocked onscreen, the rest of the cast was equally amazing. I loved Dishita Sehgal, she is just so cute! On top of that, her acting was pretty natural which made her even more adorable. Tillotama Shome as the consultant, Amrita Singh as the Principal and Deepak Dobriyal as the poor but generous neighbour Shyam Prakash nailed their performances.

Cons: Of course there is drama but the director and cast obviously tried their best to not overdo it. Sadly, they couldn’t succeed every time. It drags at the end though and there are some unrealistic moments that can make you ‘whaaat’ since they completely transform the well-developed characters of Raj and Mitu into people you don’t recognise at all.

Rating: 8/10

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