Happy Eid! Mehh!!

Hi people!

I know it’s a weird time to be posting twice at this time especially on Eid day but I can’t help it. I just finished working on the second part of Grudge and Pain (yes I’m almost done with it!) that I will be posting it on Friday. And right after that, I posted my very first flash fiction story and I don’t even know if it makes sense but it’s my first so… I’m happy about it k?! I haven’t shared it because I know you won’t have time to read it, considering it’s Eid and you’ll be busy with your gayebakre so I will do that later. I’m also thinking of a lot of new ideas that I want to work on…point is amad horahi hai 😛 and I think this is how I’ll be spending my Eid and for once this one is going to be fun! Hope you all have fun too.

Happy Eid y’all.

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