Happy birthday Jinnah – we know you aren’t happy

4He was rich. He was educated. He was well settled. He didn’t have to struggle for anything…all he had to do was sit back, chill and live life to the fullest. He did live life to the fullest, but his definition of living was a lot different from a common man’s. Reason: he wasn’t a common man.

3He wore expensive, tailored suits, only spoke English and moved among the elites of that time. Instead of going back to the woman his parents married him to, he married a girl who was more than 20 years his junior and his friend’s daughter, even if it cost him his friendship. For him, love came first. And it was love for his work that drove him apart from the love of his life later.

He stood up for the oppressed even though he wasn’t one of them, he encouraged women to play a role in a movement that he could have handled very well on his own. He didn’t allow the enemy to undermine the population that he represented.

Jinnah was anything but conventional, he went against everything our society idealizes, he defied all the boundaries we have set for ourselves and others around us, yet he achieved more than any of us will in multiple lifetimes. Or maybe, it was because he dared to rebel against the norms that he was able to achieve all that he did. For all of us.

People doubt his intentions to this day. I won’t waste time telling why and how they are wrong. However, what I will say is that, instead of just staring at the feather in his cap, maybe for once we should all look at the man wearing it. Instead of just talking about how he got us an independent country (that we are trying our best to rip apart) we should understand that blindly adhering to the rules of the society will get us nowhere. Challenging the norms, questioning the so-called moral police, standing up for what we believe in and disregarding people who discourage us won’t lead us to our doom. We might not end up founding a country but it will definitely make our lives worthwhile, for us and for those around us.

It is time we develop our own definition of life. Instead of fearing opposition, we should look forward to face it. Because nothing teaches us more about ourselves and the society than the people who stand in our way. Our founder did it. Maybe it’s time we follow in his footsteps. 0 Happy birthday Jinnah and very Merry Christmas to all our Christian brethren.

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