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DraculaDracula by Bram Stoker

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I absolutely loved this book despite its contradictions and shortcomings. Unlike the vampires we come across in today’s literature where the authors turn the bloodsuckers into ‘good guys’, Count Dracula is portrayed as pure evil. The book is written as a collection of diary entries, news articles etc. so you can read the PoV of pretty much every main character (except Dracula of course) and also get a neutral picture from the news articles. However, this doesn’t make Count any less fascinating or majestic. I didn’t sympathise with him for a single moment yet was in awe of his character.
However, there are very less appearances of the Count in the book, especially after Jonathan Harker’s return to England. Also, I felt Mina’s character is overrated because Dracula’s eagerness to get to her and turn her is not explained at all. A major plot point was omitted. The end was also a bit anticlimactic.
None of these shortcomings however, make this book any less interesting and is one of my favourites.

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