Pamper yourself with Dove

Dove products never disappoint. I bought this body wash on a hunch and I’ve never been happier with a purchase before! Ok scratch never, rarely. It really leaves you feeling pampered.

Normally, body washes that contain shea butter leave your skin all sticky. But Dove leaves your skin soft and moisturised. Like it says on the bottle, all it takes is one shower for you to have smoother skin. You don’t really need to put on body lotion afterwards because your skin is already moisturised and that is perfect for someone like me who detests a long routine, especially before bed.

It is best for normal or dry skin types. If your skin type is the latter then it is advisable to slather on some body lotion afterwards in order to gain maximum benefit.

Thanks to warm vanilla, the scent is soft and sweet. This is the perfect body wash for night showers because that’s when you relax and unwind and let go off all the day’s stress. Highly recommended.


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