Diary of an Uninspiring Graduate

So after 4 years of ‘classes’, ‘studying’ and ‘hard work’, my graduation is just an exam away. These 4 precious years of my life that I dedicated to Karachi University have taught me a lot. Though most of what I’ve learned is not even remotely related to my subject, they have still been years of learning. I have learnt the value of time and how to make long, boring, useless, repetitive classes useful and constructive. I have learnt the value of life and how to spend it savouring PG’s samosay instead of wasting it by going to Shamsu’s class. I have also become be-izzati proof, thanks to 3 years of H.I’s classes.

Anyway, since now I’m almost done with uni, I feel fit to dish out some tips to those poor souls who still have years to suffer. Here’s what you do when exams are around the corner.


As much as you can. It teaches you how to be efficient and quick. One night before your final paper is more than enough to complete your assignment and prepare for your exam. Don’t waste all those precious days in studying when you can watch movies and crappy television instead.

However, you don’t want to look like you didn’t work hard at all! Therefore, shut your room, sit in front of your computer and bite your nails so even if your mother does come in, she thinks that you’re actually ‘working’. Also, don’t sleep at night.


Read anything that comes your way. My experience tells me that a day before exams, even the old school history book becomes interesting. It might not help you in your exam but it will increase your ‘knowledge’.

Teach yourself not to feel bad about not studying.

Seriously it’s ok. You’ll get through. Worse things have happened.


It’s natural to be tensed about exams even when you aren’t studying. Hiding it will do no good either. So hold a group chat with your friends (everyone in class is online on exam night) and talk about the butterflies in your stomach.

Play games on Facebook.

The best stress-relieving method indeed! Sending game requests, crossing one level after another is very therapeutic.

Lastly, please don’t take my advise. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Diary of an Uninspiring Graduate”

  1. Just amazing!!! Lolzzz!!!
    Plus don’t forget to post pictures of yourself with books and stuff son if your parents are on fb they know there ladla is studying

    Next go on hunger strike. And secretly order pizza to your back window.

    Keep a Google or Wikipedia page open while on computer.. Switch tabs as soon as your family members invade your room.. To find Beta to bechara parh raha hai…

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