Dessert heaven: The Saucy Mistress & Fam’s Patisserie review

dessert heaven - the saucy mistress

“Desserts are love, desserts are life,” says anyone who has functioning taste buds. Since I happen to have them, I took a trip to cloud number 9 twice in the past two weeks. Once, when I ordered four jars of The Saucy Mistress’ jar cakes. Second, when I visited Fam’s Patisserie for waffles. Two of the yummiest culinary choices that I have made.

The Saucy Mistress

dessert heaven - the saucy mistress

I ordered four jars of dessert from The Saucy Mistress’ Facebook page as a going away treat for my brother. Since I wanted to try different flavours, I ordered the following:

  • Chocolate Fudge cake with chocolate caramel ganache
  • Twix Bar Pie
  • Naughty Saucy
  • Belgian Chocolate Pie with brownies and walnuts

Each jar was 150ml and cost Rs 350. It was worth every penny. They were different flavours but what they shared in common was the rich flavour. Not too sweet, like most desserts tend to be, so you could enjoy the chocolate without getting a dizzy head from sweetness overdose.

The Belgian Chocolate Pie was everyone’s favourite. It had a somewhat bitter dark chocolate flavour and the brownies and walnuts were the cherries on top. I wasn’t too sure about the Twix Bar Pie because I don’t particularly like Twix, but ordered it because I was told that it was a consistent favourite. And it did not disappoint.

I’m no expert but even I could see that the texture was perfect, not too hard and not runny either. The Naughty Saucy had melted a bit during delivery (the day was scorching hot) but even then it wasn’t dribbling, just a bit displaced.

The service is brilliant, I received my order at the time I asked for. Since I ordered four jars, delivery was free. Otherwise, it’s Rs150.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Fam’s Patisserie

dessert heaven - fam's patisserie
Photo courtesy: Azmeena Alidina

Who doesn’t love fresh waffles, right? So, even though it was almost evening, my friend and I decided to treat our taste buds and ordered a double serving of waffles, covered with chocolate and topped with scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s chocolate sauce. We were hoping for a white chocolate topping but they didn’t have it along with a couple others we asked for. So at the end, we settled for plain old chocolate.

A tip: If you are going for a chocolate topping, do not opt for chocolate ice cream unless you want to go into a chocolate coma. My friend tried it and regretted it immediately. I was smart enough to go for vanilla 😉

The service was okay, not too amazing but not bad either. The poor guy forgot I hadn’t paid him till I asked him for change.

Verdict: Not bad, especially when fresh

dessert heaven - the saucy mistress and fam's patisserie review

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