My department store cosmetics haul

department store cosmetics

When it comes to daily makeup regimen, spending on department store cosmetics is the most sensible thing to do. Why go to an expensive store when you can get them cheap right? With this thought in mind, I took a trip to the department store where I wandered around, peeking at rows of shelves while my mom bought the boring stuff.

Here is what I ended up buying:

(Note: None of the brands are endorsed)

Face wipes



These are one of the most essential items, especially if you live in Karachi. Plus they are also great for cleaning off your makeup along with all the dirt from your face. Safe, hygienic, (if you’re getting a good brand) and affordable, facial wipes are a must and therefore on my list.

BB cream


I have just recently started using BB cream and realised that while my foundation is awesome, BB cream is a pretty good alternative if you have to use it daily, for work, university or just a casual day out. It works great with sunscreen too! Living in Karachi, you need a sunscreen with the highest SPF and while that will protect you from the sun, it can give you a worn out appearance. So get a BB cream (preferably one with SPF) and once you have slathered on sunscreen, put a coat of BB cream and blend. There, now you’ll look human.

Tip: apply sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before you go out. Let it set or it will melt down immediately and do you no good. Same goes for BB cream or foundation. If you are using my trick and wearing sunscreen and BB cream together, then let the former set for 5-10 minutes and then proceed with BB. Let it set too and then go out.

Ok so the point is I bought a BB cream too. SPF: 30

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Hot Wax


This was actually the first time I bought body wax. I’ve always been content with shaving because it’s quick and thankfully didn’t give me pores or coarse hair (I’m sorry TMI). But we can all agree that waxing is the better option. This one has reusable strips, smells great and my skin feels so smooth, I’m in love with it. Now it is one added item on my list.

Baby Lips gloss

We all need it, especially someone like me who keeps chewing my lips off. It heals really quickly and I love the pink shade.

Fancy tape

I’m pretty sure there is a name for this piece of stationary but I don’t know it so I’m going to call them fancy tape. There is no particular reason I bought them though. I was actually looking for stuff I can use as props for my masterpiece pictures and I just found them interesting. I think apart from this picture, the only time I’ve used them to stick something in my diary and that too,because I was angry and wanted to annoy myself. Here, feast your eyes. 

Before you laugh your head off like that mean Budha, I’d like to tell you that I’m no poet. You may proceed. Thank you.


They are my favourite piece of jewellery. I don’t wear a lot of it, but when I do, it’s mostly bangles and these were just so lovely that I had to get them.

So there you have it. My department store cosmetic ‘haul’ was under Rs 1000. I lost the bill (typical) so I can’t remember exact prices but I’m pretty sure it was under 1000.  

What items are on your grocery list? Share in the comments.

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department store cosmetics

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