Pakistan won the CT17 and we are over the moon

pakistan c17

So the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 (CT17) was finally over on Sunday and not only did Pakistan make it to the finals, IT DEFEATED INDIA!!! If anything could make the final victory sweeter, that was it, especially after the humiliating defeat we suffered at its hands in the first match. The cherry on top? Pakistan defeated India from a bigger margin than the latter beat us from. 180 runs, say what? Everyone was over the moon, including the Pakistani Twitterati, who thought it their right to gloat after all the lame baap beta jokes some Indian Twitterati kept hurling at us. Here are some of the tweets that reflect the mood during and after the match:

When the hype for CT17 was real and the world joined in:

That time when leaving CT17 final alone was a huge risk we couldn’t take because ‘unpredictable tigers’:

When people stayed glued to their TV sets with a tasbeeh in hands because no matter how good Pakistan play, it needs every prayer:

When everyone was glad Ramiz Raja failed to nazar our boys:

And people couldn’t help but fawn over Fakhar while the neighbours were upset over how good he is:

fakhar pakistan ct17

And then it was Mohammad Amir’s time to shine:

m amir pakistan ct17

And ESPNCrinfo didn’t hesitate in trolling Rohit Sharma 😉

He couldn’t be less gracious:

Hassan Ali, the star of CT17 tournament, couldn’t be forgotten:

Hassan-Ali pakistan c17

And then right after the CT17 final ended, the trolling began along with the congratulations pouring in from the world:

But at the end of it all, both sides applauded players’ effort and their sportsman spirit because that’s what cricket is about:

There were so many more moments in the CT17 final between Pakistan and India, that can’t possibly be covered in one post. Our team barely qualified, ranked at #8, defeated by India in the first group match by India and came back after that humiliating loss to become the Champions of CT17! This is filmy stuff for sure. #BleedGreenForever and welcome home team Pakistan.

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