Celebrating the Filth

Too many campaigns about cleaning up Karachi have been held in the hope that it would awaken the government’s ghairat and it will take some steps to clean up the enormous piles of garbage that sit arrogantly every few miles throughout the city. Every time media covers these campaigns, social media applauds citizens’ efforts and then it’s a wrap. Authorities remain in their slumber through it all, taking civilians’ efforts for granted.

The problem with these cleaning campaigns is that it is not the citizens’ job to clean up the city’s filth and Team Kachra Festival is out to make the government realise just that. It’s been around 8 years since the city has been under the same political party and the city of lights has gone from bad to worse. Open sewers, filth, mountains of garbage that have become fodder for cows that roam around freely, are common sights.

Since the government obviously reveres rubbish so much, Team Kachra Festival will honour these stinking monuments by gathering at these sites and celebrating by beating dhols, dancing and inviting people to join in. This unique protest is being held in the hope that maybe, maybe the government will have some pity on the poor souls of Karachi and try to do its job by using tax payers’ money where it should be used and clean up the city so the citizens, for once, can breathe a bit of fresh air again.

The protest is held every Sunday on different locations. This week it will be held at Bhai Jan Chowk in FB Area which currently looks something like this:


Here are a couple of pictures from previous protests from Team Kachra Festival:


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