Cactus – ruined expectations

After months of cancelled and delayed plans, I finally threw my work in a corner and went to Cactus. I’d been planning to go there for quite some time but thanks to the horrible amount of work that I was drowned in for the past few months, I just couldn’t. The idea of writing a review came to me when I entered the place because I kind of love to criticize. Who doesn’t?

The ambiance

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When I entered the hall upstairs, I thought it was a café. The place is nice, no doubt, but there is no privacy. Low sofas and even lower tables, with an LCD fixed at the end of the room give it a very casual feel. What is the problem with that you ask? The problem is that it seems like they have tried to setup a formal place. The furniture is wearing off so maintenance is clearly low.



We ordered Cream of Chicken soup for starters, a Teragon steak and Alfredo pasta along with a fresh lime and Peach Margarita but 15 minutes later they informed us that the Margarita wasn’t available, so I ended up ordering Mocha Frappuccino.

The soup tasted good, though it was runny and had almost no chicken at all. The presentation was extremely clumsy.

cream and chicken

Steak was good though, presentation was OK and the portion was fulfilling. Same goes for the pasta. The food wasn’t cold thankfully.

Tarragon Steak covered with sauce and accompanied with mashed potatoes and vegetables.


cactus - pasta
Alfredo pasta covered in white sauce and accompanied by chicken and garlic bread.


Mocha Frappuccino was really bad, I regretted wasting my money on it.



Really bad. The waiters clearly do not know how to deal with customers. Ordering food was painstaking because he took a long time noting it down and kept asking us to repeat which was really annoying. Then after 15 minutes he came back again to inform us that the drinks we ordered were not available and we need to change our order.

Next, the soup, main course and the drinks all came together. I mean…even the most ‘phooar’ restaurants don’t do that.


Conclusion: if my friend and I didn’t have tons of gossip, I would have hated the experience. I won’t really recommend it to anyone unless they have nowhere to go.

I’ll rate it 2.5/5.


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