Blasphemy by the Faithful

The recent blasphemy incident, where an 11 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome, was beaten up for burning a few pages of the Noorani Qaida has again raised questions about the ‘blasphemy law’. Religious scholars remain reluctant to condemn the brutality of the so-called Muslims and some openly declare the barbarians as heroes of Islam. Whether the blasphemy charges are legitimate or not is not what I want to discuss here. I’m not about to talk about the endless massacre of minorities either. What I do want is to ask these people if they are sure that they can’t be accused of blasphemy.

Let’s start with the wall chalking. Religious messages are written on every wall you come across. There are verses from the Holy Quran on a wall and a pile of garbage underneath. People protest against the cartoons of the Holy Prophet but they write his name on dirty walls in filthy places where people spit paan openly. Is this not blasphemy? Why aren’t these people arrested then? Oh right, because they are Muslims. Hate messages, punctuated with Quranic verses, are written to guide the people to the right path.

Creating divide between sects

Then there is the dumping of religious texts. More than once, reports on how people throw away pages of the Holy Quran in sewage water and filth, have been aired. You can Youtube the videos if you have missed them. Pages are torn away from holy books and are thrown away in sewers or rubbish. Why don’t the all-knowing religious champions protest about that? You can’t complain about others ‘insulting’ your faith if you can’t respect it yourself. Where, in the history of Islam, do you find the Holy Prophet cursing his enemies? Yet his followers do it in his name.

Murderers, instead of being punished, are praised for killing fellow Muslims but kids are beaten up for supposedly committing blasphemy. Which brand of religion is this? Because it’s definitely not Islam. It is time for us to assess ourselves instead of blaming everything on others. Who are we to decide who is an infidel and who isn’t? Last time I checked the Quran clearly stated that the authority lies with Allah alone. And if we still want to be over efficient and responsible enough to take up the responsibility of cleaning up the surface of the earth we should clean ourselves up first.

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  1. … and as Faraz said,
    “Naara-e-hub-e-watan mal-e-tijjarat ki tarah
    Jins-e-arzaan ki tarah deen-e-Khuda ki baatein”

    Today what we see isn’t the religion Islam but a business of so-called ‘Mullah’ group.

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