Best of Tahir-ul-Qadri

Surely, no one can match Tahir-ul-Qadri’s speech skills. He comes on stage, well informed and armed with statistics and shock people with startling revelations. Over the past two months he has displayed his prowess as a speaker and blurted out historic quotes time and time again. Imran Khan is the only one who is giving him a tough competition till now. Even Rehman Baba has curbed his insane remarks.

Here’s a short list of some of the most weird and most common dialogues of PAT chief.

  1. In sab ko shikar karlo. (Hunt all of them)

Because that’s just how peaceful people roll you know.

  1. Kia musibat hai Siddiqui sahib, ye sound system ko kia hua hai? (What the hell Siddiqui sahib, what is wrong with the sound system?)

Seriously, fix the system already, how will people ever hear his soft murmuring?!

  1. Gullu Buttoun!

Cursing the government is no fun until you add Gullu Butt’s tarka.

  1. Dil thaam k suno! Mai aik dil dehlane wala inkishaf karne ja raha hun. (Hold your breath! I am going to make a heart-wrenching revelation!)

No use skipping a beat. It always turns out to be just another corruption story.

  1. Inqilab ab is mulk ka muqadar ban chukka hai. (Revolution has become the fate of this country)

Clearly. After having to watch it for two months continuously and doing extra shifts, it seems k inqilaab hamara muqaddar bhi ban chukka hai.

  1. Mai laanat bhejta hun tumhari is jamhooriat pe! (I curse this democracy of yours!)

Nothing personal. He just doesn’t like a system in the country.

  1. Qoum ne Inqilab k haq mai faisla…de dia hai. (The nation has passed its decision in favor of a revolution)

What do I say to this? He must be right.

  1. Agar goli chalana chahte ho to pehle mujh pe chalana. Mera seena hazir hai. (If you want to fire bullets, shoot me first. I present my chest)

Don’t. I.can’

  1. Ye awam ka thatain marta samundur hai. (This is an ocean of public)

Ok a) it’s samandar. Sa-Man-Dar and b) the ‘thaatain’ have left the ocean now. Just saying.

10. Mai ye jang apne mulk ki ghareeb awaam k liye larh raha hun. (I am fighting this battle for the poor people of this country)

Of course you are. Just like I’m stuffing myself with extra calories so others can’t get fat.


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