Guest post – 8 beauty products every girl needs

Remember when I said that bloggers that want to contribute don’t have to stick to any niche? Well turns out I did know what I was talking about 😉 This post is contributed by A’esha Abubakar, a beauty blogger, who shares the products she uses in her daily routine. Though a certain brand has been named, it is not for promotional purposes. 

Picture courtesy: A’esha Abubakar

Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz comes in a yellow-orange spray bottle with a plastic cap on. It smells really refreshing and citrusy. I use it in multiple ways. On days when my skin feels dull and flakey, I spray it on my face before bedtime and wake up with a smooth and refreshed skin. I also use it to set my makeup because it gives a beautiful dewy finish.

Indian Night Jasmine Body Lotion

This is my everyday lotion. I love how it smells as it keeps me smelling fresh and exotic all day and it suits my skin. The best part is it’s not greasy at all and dries real quick. I always repurchase when on sale because I find it a bit pricey.

Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm

Born Lippy comes in a small clear plastic pot with a twist off cap. I mostly use it as a natural looking gloss on days when I’m not wearing any make-up or as a base under my lipstick.

Tea Tree Oil

I have seen mixed reviews of this product but luckily it works quite well for my combination skin. I apply it with the help of a q-tip or mix a few drops with my moisturizer and apply. Also, it’s very good to get rid of dandruff. Just add a few drops in your shampoo and you’ll be surprised.

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

This BB Cream won’t give you the perfect coverage but is quite moisturizing and good for everyday use. Since my only problem is hideous dark circles this works quite fine for me and doesn’t break me out. I use it on my no makeup days to even out my complexion.

All-In-One BB Cream

I use it only on my good skin days when I need a bit of the glow. I mostly use it as a highlighter during day time. Works really good as an illuminator or a base before you apply your makeup.

Moringa Eau de toilette

As the same suggests, it has a floral fragrance and is my favourite fragrance these days. Smells a bit like jasmine. The lasting time isn’t too long since it’s not eau de parfum but I love it nonetheless.

Moringa Hand Cream

I don’t leave home without this hand cream. I have it my bag all the time. Light weight, non-greasy, I love it! The fragrance is floral and beautiful and isn’t overpowering. If you have very dry hands, you might not find it very moisturizing.

In her own words, A’esha is “a social media junkie with unlimited love for chai, beaches, books, and rain and a never ending obsession for makeup and fashion. Always ready to pose for a picture. Dental surgeon by profession. Blogger by choice. And oh I love candles, just love, love candles and cats too! 5’4 and still above the bullshit!”

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  1. Love the sound of Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz, definitely getting it. I also really like the smell of jasmine, I’d love to try the jasmine lotion and Moringa Eau de toilette. Stumbled upon your blog through the Blogging Squad, glad that it did 😉 Good post! Thanks!

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