A pro’s guide: how to avoid giving a fuck in 3 simple steps

I shall act like The BBC and out up a DISCLAIMER: Mildly strong fucking language. Proceed with caution or deal with it. Read on and you’ll learn how to in 3 simple steps.

How many times have you gone through that phase when you are completely pumped up, full of ideas and ready to get to work but… all of a sudden all that motivation, that enthusiasm is gone and you sit there feeling guilty because you cannot bring yourself to give a fuck?

I have gone through this situation in life more times than I can count. In fact, I’m going through it now and every time, even when life is doing wonders for me, I miraculously manage to screw it all up by refusing to give a fuck.

I’ve gotten so good at dealing with these inconvenient phases that I can coach you on how to be a pro at completely ignoring your internal red sirens.

avoid giving fuck 3 simple steps

Step#1: Avoid listening to your brain’s relentless reminders

Read on to find out how you can achieve this noble goal.

  1. avoid giving fuck 3 simple stepsStep#2: Binge watch a show to avoid giving a fuck

  2. You would need some proper motivation for step 1.  It works 100%. I’m watching Naruto these days. Which show are you watching? Here’s an idea! Let’s exchange recommendations!

    avoid giving fuck 3 simple stepsStep#3: EAT!!!

    Every time the music slows down, or characters fall silent for a minute because someone’s died, your brain will cease its chance and remind you that you still have fucks to give. To stop it from making you listen to sense, EAT. Chocolate is the best therapy, but honestly, anything will work. Even daal.

fuck up in 3 simple steps

If none of the above work for you, then you arrived here a bit too late. If that’s the case, and you cannot follow the 3 simple steps above, better listen to the leftover grey matter in your upper chamber. It can be pretty chaotic up there so good luck! πŸ˜‰

How big a procrastinator are you? Tell me in the comments. We’ll share our most ‘procrastinated moments’ and see who wins.

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avoid giving fuck 3 simple steps



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