ALERT! Social Media Police on Patrol!

When I was a student, I was the sort of blind patriot who can’t take the truth. Even though I knew that a lot was wrong with my country, I just wouldn’t hear it. So you can understand why I was outraged when one of my teachers said (actually he quoted someone else), ‘We are a very foolish nation.’ I felt angry at the generalization. I mean some people can’t represent the entire nation right?

Now, I’m no more a student, and having worked on the social media for over a year, I have started to agree with him. The reason I emphasize on working on the social media part is that it makes you reach out to a lot of people without actually having to interact with them. Also, while commenting on posts on different pages, people are so sure that they are anonymous that they don’t hesitate in bringing out the ‘real’ them.

People in our country, even the seemingly educated ones, can be so downright stupid that you feel like smacking their face till you can knock some sense into them. Mix stupid with hateful and the end product is more destructive than you can imagine. They have the unbelievable ability to dig negativity in everything. And their favorite hobby? Bringing religion into everything! EVERYTHING! Like you need preaching among all the religious tension that is consuming this world.

Here are a few characterstics of such ‘commenters’:

1. They can be pretty ironic.


army orders
Yes they are pretty helpless without government’s ‘orders’.

2. They don’t hesitate in proving the other person right by making themselves look like a douche.

pti trolls


3. Insensitivity is their virtue.


You should be dropped in that ‘kholta oil’ too.

4. And their sense of humor is out of this world!had hai

5. It doesn’t take long for them to declare everything a conspiracy. samaa


6. And they are the best judges when it comes to fahashi.

ayesha fahashi


Do share if you’ve come across any such ‘namoonay’ 😛



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  1. I come across them all the time. 99% of Pakistanis think like this & I honestly feel sorry for them. Seriously. Look at all those drama pages, to get ratings they put private photos and videos up of celebs…it’s shameful.

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