6 things that annoy page managers

page managers

Working on social media as a page manager for over a year has taught me a lot. One of the things I learnt is there is absolutely NOTHING exciting about this job. Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely monotonous and severely boring. And the annoying ‘fans’ can make it even worse. Here is a list of characteristics of the ‘fans’ that make me want to bang my head on the wall and throw the ‘liker’ in the deepest pits of hell.

The promoters

Those pesky little brats who go on each post and share their idiotic pages about romantic poetry and beauty tips. The poor page managers can keep on hiding and delete their comments but they just won’t take the hint.

The moral police

They have the startling ability to dig up something negative in EVERYTHING you post. It bothers them if you post entertaining pictures and statuses on an entertainment page, or if you post news on a news page.

Common comments:

  • Ap ko sharam nahi ati aisi news share karte hue?!
  • Is this Muslim country? OR Is this Pakistani culture?
  • Sharam se doob maro admin!

And…wait for it…

  • How dare you share such stuff! You are a %*&(&%$*(

Admin’s reaction:

 The frandshippers  

They post their numbers in all their comments on each post and beg people to call them if they need a real ‘fraand’. Most of those profiles claim to be girls.

Thick chance honey. You’re banned.

The ‘I don’t care’ type

They will see all the posts, read all statuses and every article shared on the page and then comment that they don’t care as a way of ‘insulting’ the page manager.

The sniffing dogs

They can sniff a conspiracy in everything in the world and staunchly believe that the page THEY liked is Satanic and the manager of the page works for the Zionists.

'Fans' who believe that the page THEY liked is Satanic and the page manager is a Zionist.

One letter for them: K!

The thick headed

They are kind of similar to ‘moral police’. They will pass insulting comments on not just the page but also on other users and drive the page admin to the point where they only have two choices left: either ban them or smash their thick skulls in the wall.

And then there are the sane minded…

…who actually use their minds and participate like a civilized, decent human being instead of being a wild animal to everyone just for the heck of it. These are the people who make a page manager’s job worthwhile.


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