6 rules of commenting on blog posts

No one blogs merely to vent. We have journals for that. Bloggers want to be recognised, they want their work to be noticed because no matter how easy maintaining a blog is, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. More on that later, though.

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While there are many ways of driving traffic to your blog, one tactic is to interact with other bloggers. It not only makes other bloggers notice you, it might even get you regular readers. How do you interact with other bloggers apart from PM-ing on Facebook to please read your blog (please don’t do that)? On the most part it requires you to comment on other blogs. It’s the old ‘give and take’ rule. Like you, they crave recognition as well. When you leave a comment on someone’s blog, not only does the blogger notices you, but it is possible that other commenters will visit your blog as well. You need to entice them though, without using the phrase ‘do visit my blog’.

In this post I’m listing down a few ‘commenting rules’ I’ve established.

Do not go on a commenting spree

It requires a lot of confidence for a writer to post his/her work for the world to see. Naturally they expect some feedback, like I said earlier. So if you are commenting just for the sake of getting your blog link across, it is unfair to them. They worked hard on their post, spent a lot of time and energy on it so if you are leaving a comment make sure it is rewarding. Comment only when you have something to say.

Read the blog before you comment

Like actually read it instead of skimming through. Often you come across comments like ‘good post’, ‘thanks for this post’ etc. These sorts of comments make it seem like the person hasn’t really read the post and only left a response to get his blog link across. If you think you have nothing to add, just don’t comment. Like the post, or better yet, share it if you find it helpful.

Give feedback

Tell the author why you like the blog. If you agree or disagree with the author, tell them why. Give your opinion.

Add value to the blog

Your comment should add value to the post. If you think something should be added to the post then write it in your comment. For example, if it is a travel blog post about a destination you have been to, tell the author (and the readers) what you thought of the place, if there is anything you’d recommend that the author might have missed etc. Comments like these show your interest and also make the comment section as valuable as the post itself.

Keep it short

Adding value doesn’t mean, of course, that you write a blog post in the comments. Keep it brief.

Most important of all:

Be respectful

Have something to add? Leave a comment, because now you know how 😉 And don’t forget to share if you found it useful.

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20 thoughts on “6 rules of commenting on blog posts”

  1. I am very cautious before writing this comment. Jokes apart, it is a very good blog because it is on a unique topic. These are the blogging manners which all of us don’t know.

  2. This should be posted on all the blogging groups! I’ve received too many comments that have nothing to do with the post. Thanks for putting this together!

    -seriously, send this to all the admins. This post deserves a feature spot!

  3. I am always looking for blog and post with a themes that I like to read so I’m familiar with a main subject. I agree with a Kristi this post should be on the blogging groups. I’ve also learned some things because I’m pretty new at this blogging thing take it to the next level.

  4. I totally agree. Best to comment only when you actually have something to say, otherwise it only looks spammy and the blogger would rather not have it at all. I personally do not approve comments that are way to snappy they appear spammy.

  5. I do agree with your points, but I also think it’s important to be cautious about where you promote your blog post. Want more views? You might end up with the kind of comments you don’t want to see.
    Promote to the wrong audience in order to gain page views could backfire and dilute the community you are trying to create…

    1. I agree that promotion should be more targeted but the point that I’m trying to make is that if you don’t have anything to say that adds to the post in any way, may be it’ll be better if you don’t comment at all. It’s not an obligation. A lot of times I come across posts that are about a topic that I’m unaware of. So if I do comment I tell the author a specific thing that I took away from the post, what I learnt. Or I just share or pin it. They get the views and shares they wanted and I don’t have to waste words.
      BTW your comment was like the other side of the coin, thank you for your feedback Anthony 🙂 THIS HERE IS A GENUINE COMMENT PEOPLE! 😀

  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Haha just kidding, sorry, I couldn’t resist…you’re so right though. Those vague unhelpful comments are annoying and sometimes downright angering! Most of the feedback I’ve gotten on my blog has been actually really nice and genuine,but, for example..someone from the comment thread where I found your post (and it’s not mandatory to comment on any specific post here) went to my “Fiction Fridays” post, and commented on an SF story about DINOSAURS that he was sorry I was going through so much and he hoped I made it through okay.

    Ok, I did write a couple sentences about some struggles at home but that means he only read the first short paragraph and then scrolled through everything else to drop his link and comment. Lame!

    As you said, if you’ve honestly nothing to say…just comment elsewhere! Really!

    I’m going to share this post like everywhere..THANK YOU for writing it. Really.

    1. LOL @ the first sentence 😛
      People leave the weirdest comments sometimes.
      And by the way, I did read a bit of your story but I couldn’t read it all at the time so I bookmarked it. If I have something to add, you’ll know 😉 thanks for the comment Elizabeth.

  7. I actually rather like the lengthier comments if I get them because it shows that my blog has made an impact on some if the comment is relevant to what I am writing. I am all about community over competition and I really like to encourage great feedback. I am more likely to get frustrated by a comment if it’s too short versus too long. I have seen comments that were so short the link they left to their blog was longer and that just gets frustrating.

    1. Same here. How else are you supposed to interact and build a community if you are not even willing to give proper feedback? Sometimes comments generate healthy discussions and you can learn so much from them alone.

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