5 things that happen when you get too busy

So much to do, so little time. We all go through that stage of life when there is hardly any time left for us to stop and relax for a bit. A free Sunday is a luxury. Following are five things that everyone with a hectic schedule goes through.

Almost no family/social life:

In most cases it is work or education (or both) that keeps us busy. While working and studying is good, when things get too crazy you are left with no time for family or friends which is a huge downside. And often drives you crazy.

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Zero tolerance for anyone who complains about your routine:

Don’t you see I hardly have time to breathe? It’s honestly very infuriating when someone whines that you don’t give them time when you are losing your head trying to do everything to balance an out of control routine. Listening to all the nagging and cribbing makes you want to slam that person’s head in a wall.

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The fact that I’m talking to you, no, giving you time to speak to me, is enough proof that I care enough to give up a precious few minutes of my life. But I’m not doing so to listen to you complaining.

No time to think:

Of course when you are too busy you hardly have time to sleep let alone think. It becomes really hard, in fact becomes tedious to think about anything other than your work/education/social activities or whatever it is that keeps you busy.

Better time management:

Life cannot be put on hold forever. Busy bees learn pretty soon how to make the best of the little bit of free time that they are left with and hence make productive choices.


No more negative feelings:

This is the best part. You are not left with any time to feel anxious, depressed or hurt for long. The feelings are natural of course, but the constant activity forces you to move on and shed everything aggravating from your already overloaded mind. You are just too busy to stay negative.


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