5 awesome movies I saw in 2014

2014 was a very good year for entertainment, especially for Pakistan. Here’s a list of five movies I watched in the past year that stayed with me.

(Not in order of awesomeness)

Na Maloom Afraad nma Though I was very excited about this one, I didn’t expect it to be this enjoyable. Yes Pakistani cinema is reviving, most of what we have been offered so far are grim, serious movies that highlight the issues our country is facing. For someone who watches news all the time, such movies are not a big treat. Na Maloom Afraad was a breath of fresh air. It took a funny take on Karachi’s situation. Good direction and great acting made it more enjoyable. Full review here.  

The Theory of Everything

td411_TOE_b This is a story of Stephen Hawking, one of the most treasured physicists in history. I watched this last week but I know it’s going to stay with me for a long time. Real life stories are always emotional, but what was different about this one was that it was filmed from the perspective of Jane, Hawking’s first wife. It gave an insight of his real life, his deteriorating health and his resolve to prove himself in the face of adversity. It also depicts the nature of relationship between him and Jane, all the ups and downs the couple went through in their 29 years of marriage.

Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde at their wedding
Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking and Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde in The Theory of Everything

Into the Storm into-the-storm-review-1411461320-5059 I know it wasn’t a huge hit but I enjoyed it thoroughly, more so because of the amazing effects. A bit of humour, action and a lot of running around made it a fun watch. I don’t know what else to say about it so I’ll leave it here. You can read a detailed review here.

Haiderhaider-3b Set in Kashmir, Haider is an adaptation of the popular play Hamlet. It is the story of those fighting for Kashmir’s independence so it is easy to see why the movie sparked so much controversy. Though it doesn’t portray the enmity between India and Pakistan, both the countries still took it as an attack on their ideology. Shahid Kapoor worked his magic as Haider, a poet who returns to Kashmir to find out that his father has mysteriously disappeared and his mother, instead of trying to look for him, is having an affair with his uncle, Khurram. Disturbed by the turn of events, Haider heads out to look for answers.

PK Pk-Poster-Anushka-Sharma-007 I saw it a couple of days ago and it’s definitely one of the most amazing movies that I saw in 2014. It sheds light on a very sensitive yet important subject in a very light hearted manner. Full review here.

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