Vitamin C Glow Boosting Dermabrasion – fresh skin in Karachi is possible!

Living in Karachi, the dream of smooth and fresh skin is just that: a dream. Every time I saw commercials of ‘beauty products’ that swear they will make you look like you just descended from Heaven, I wanted to smash my TV screen. Liars! All of them! Or so I thought till I stumbled across the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Dermabrasion scrub.

I visited The Body Shop outlet to buy some tea tree oil thanks to the sudden break out around the wedding season *gasp* some time back. It was there that I was introduced to one of the best products that I will definitely keep using: Vitamin C Glow Boosting Dermabrasion scrub. Wow, I sound like I am in love.

It was on a hunch that I asked the lady if they had anything that would exfoliate and repair my skin at the same time. She whipped out this white and orange tube off a shelf which would not only exfoliate and cleanse my skin, but also moisturise it. I was pretty apprehensive because I naturally assumed that microdermabrasion meant that my skin was at risk of being peeled raw. I bought it anyway and I haven’t regretted it once.

Usage & Effects

It is only supposed to be used once a week and the effects don’t take long to show. The scrub isn’t harsh on the skin; on the contrary it makes your skin feel soft and supple once you wash. It sounds cheesy but you really can feel it cleansing out your pores and the vitamin C in it not only moisturises the skin, it leaves it glowing and fresh.

I have been using it for around a year now and have had no reason to complain. Some people may find it a bit pricey but it’s worth, especially because it lasts long plus the results are amazing. Since it’s The Body Shop, you can count on the product on being safe and organic. And it smells great too. I’d highly recommend it.

Have you used any product of the Vitamin C range? Do tell me in the comments!

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