6 questions you need to ask before choosing a theme

Continuing with the topic of building a website (or a blog), here I’ll be listing down a few things that you must take into consideration while selecting a theme. It is very important to select one that not only looks good but is also simple to navigate around. The first thing a visitor sees is not your content or author bio. He sees the layout.

Don’t select a theme on how great it looks. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the theme compatible with your niche (or lack thereof)? If your lifestyle blog looks like a teenager’s journal, it doesn’t really give readers a great impression.
  • Where is the main menu be displayed? If it is not at the top or the sidebar, then it will be hard for users to access your pages and categories. If it is displayed in the sidebar, it brings us to another problem…
  • Which spaces does the theme allot for widgets? At least one of the widget spaces should be the sidebar so you can put up the author bio, contact info, subscription form etc. for everyone to see easily. In some themes, widgets are placed at the end of the page and hardly anyone has got the time and patience to scroll all the way down to see if an author’s bio and other information about the site have been included. It also becomes a problem if you have placed ad widgets that are at the pit of the page where hardly anyone bothers to look.
  • Are the colours too bright or jarring? This can make your content hard to read.
  • In case the current colour scheme doesn’t compliment your content, can it be changed? Luckily though, nearly every WordPress theme has the option of changing background and font colour so you can play around till you find the perfect one.
  • In case there is a header image, ask yourself if you need it. There are themes that are perfect for you but they have huge header images that are totally unrelated to your site. Some themes do offer multiple images to choose from so if you can find one that is relevant, great. Otherwise, you can take either take an image yourself or design one.

What do you take into consideration while deciding on a theme? Let me know in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “6 questions you need to ask before choosing a theme”

  1. Great article, these are some really important points to be taken into consideration. For me it was definitely important to have a theme that would let me feature my Youtube channel easily on the Home page- and luckily WordPress has one 🙂

  2. My color scheme was definitely important for me. Some people use a bright yellow background on their blogs and it makes me want to “x” out immediately!

  3. I wish I had read this post before I started by blog. I changed my theme 4 times before selecting the one which I think is the best. I prepared half of the site and kept changing the theme and this made me go back to square 1. Great post!

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