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Since its release, I’d been begging everyone to go for Logan with me. No one would agree. Damn work! Or maybe I’m just a bad movie buddy, but they won’t tell me that. Finally, after a week or so of pleading, my brother agreed and for the first, second, or a thousandth time, I thanked God for younger brothers.

There was the problem of ticket availability though. For some bizarre reason, there were hardly a couple of shows for Logan, yes you read that right! And on some days, it was only up once a day. All the other shows went to Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island and…wait for it…Badrinath ki Dulhaniya. Such is the world we live in. The ONLY movie I was interested in out of these three was Beauty and the Beast because of Disney and Emma Watson. Duh!

Anyway, back to the tickets. So we were afraid we might not get them. We did, of course otherwise I wouldn’t have been writing this review, would I? I re-watched all Wolverine prequels during the night. And the next day, conquering Karachi’s traffic, we drove into the sunset, (it was an evening show, so I’m being literal) snatched our tickets, settled in our seats and life was good. Then, Logan got off the cab he now drove for a living and killed a few people. There is a reason this movie is rated R people! You ACTUALLY see blood pouring out, heads being severed while the characters shower the audience and each other with colourful language.

The Plot

The story takes place in 2020, a time when mutants have died out and can only be found in comic books that are inspired by X-men adventures. Logan, Professor and Caliban are the only ones left, are in hiding and not in the best shape. The Professor is losing control of his powers and has regular seizures that paralyse everyone in the vicinity and is dependent on Logan who takes care of him. Logan is growing old and while he tries to hide it, his healing powers are fading and he walks with a limp. He wants to take the Professor somewhere safe and at the same time is contemplating suicide. That is his plan, till a girl named Laura (Daphne Keen) shows up. Naturally, Logan isn’t happy with this twist and Laura reciprocates his feelings of hostility. She does get along with the Professor though.


The movie can qualify as a Western, given its setting. What I loved most about the film was that they focussed more on the human aspect than flashy special effects. Logan’s suffering, Professor’s longing for a normal life and Laura’s search for Eden, a safe haven Logan obviously doesn’t believe in, is almost palpable. Despite their disagreements, I loved the bond the three develop, bickering all the while and still having each other’s backs.

the acting

Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart were, of course, nothing less than outstanding. There are no words to describe Stewart’s flawless acting. The Professor does not only long for a normal, happy life for himself, Logan and Laura, he is also an old man who is losing grip over his powers and cannot come to terms with the fact that he is now dependant on Logan. I’ve seen old people go through this stage and Stewart’s performance was as accurate as it was brilliant.

Jackman had always depicted Wolverine as the angry hero who would never back away from action but there were always flashes of regret, causing him to retreat into hiding. In Logan it consumes him and Jackman played it perfectly like he always does. Or did. *cries*

As for Keen, I LOVED her as Laura. A child brought up to be nothing less than a monster, she has managed to create a pathos around her character. So she’ll shock you with her violent tendencies, her childish innocence marred by brutal circumstances will make you feel for her.


The ‘villains’! They were completely ineffective. I mean, yeah, Donald Pierce was a goon (fitting, given the name) but you’d expect Rice to have something more up his sleeve than a mindless monster.

My rating: 4/5

My Reaction


I normally tear up during movies, but I actually cried during this. It is a testament of my brother’s consideration for me, (who by the way was equally upset except he wasn’t crying) that he didn’t make fun of me like he always does.

Two weeks later, I’m still recovering from the heartbreak. It’s not like I didn’t expect it at all, the trailer dropped a lot of hints. Add to that Jackman’s announcement that this would be his last Wolverine film. Yet I refused to pay attention to any of it. I actually told a friend to shut up for mentioning the possibility. Joke’s on me.

If you’ve come so far, I’m assuming you’ve seen the movie. What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Logan – a review”

  1. Hey, I haven’t seen the film yet because to be honest I completely lost track of the X-Men films. I remember back in the day when there were just three and now I’m so confused. I watched the time travelly one the other day and my mind hasn’t quite recovered! Anyway, I love Hugh Jackman and I love Wolverine. That’s what counts, right?

    1. Yep that’s what counts! 😀
      The one with Peter Dinklage? That one is really confusing! If you’ve seen Wolverine movies of 2009 and 2013, you’ll be pretty set for Logan though, cuz it’s they are the first two of the trilogy.

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