Heatwave in Karachi: 7 measures that can keep you safe


It’s mid-April and Karachi is already on fire. Weather wise, I mean. Right now it is 38°C according to BBC. Yesterday it was 41°C. According to the Met department, the heatwave would match that of 2015, which killed hundreds of people. 

Picture courtesy: BBC Twitter

Pretty scary…but not so much if you take adequate measures. Here’s a list of steps you need to take to protect yourself from the scorching heat.

Stay indoors

Avoid going out, especially during the day. Do not underestimate the power of the sun, your car’s air conditioning is no match for it.

Wear light clothing

The lawn sales must have equipped women with enough clothes to last the summer. Wear light colours and short sleeves, (preferably) unless you are going out – despite the express warning your mother, the Met dept and I just gave – in which case it is advisable you cover up to protect yourself from the sun. Also, cover your head with a scarf or cap and please wear sunscreen.

Stay in shade as much as possible

If you are on foot, try not to expose yourself to the sun as much as possible.

Try not to indulge in sports or any physically strenuous activity

Actually don’t try. Avoid it at all costs, especially during the day.

Keep a water bottle with you at ALL TIMES

Even though it’ll melt pretty soon, keep an iced water bottle. Drink water, as much as you can.

Eat less, eat light

Instead of eating more, hydrate. Eat cucumbers and fruits like water melon. Keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Cut down on spices, move to lentils and salad that are freshly made. Also, avoid street food. We are tough, yes, but it’s not worth the risk.

Ventilation is important

Do not keep the house shut. Days are unbearable these days so it is understandable to keep doors and windows shut but in the evening, open them up. Evenings in Karachi are cooler, let some air in.

Don’t forget the birds

Keep bird baths on rooftops or in your lawn or terrace, wherever birds can access water.

Stay safe!

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