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How to deal with a numb brain?

By on March 22, 2017

So it’s almost been a week since I’ve published a new post. Though I have some blog posts planned, for some reason I don’t want to publish them. At the moment, that is. But I still want to write something, the problem, however, is what? My mind is numb. You see I have hit a block and not for the first time.

Every time I start a new venture, project, whatever you may call it, I really throw myself into it. I plan ahead, come up with new ideas. But after some time the enthusiasm starts waning. I start finding reasons I cannot go on. This is why self-employment scares me. There is no one to threaten me with termination if I don’t turn something in.

Before this site I had two blogs, both of which I was really excited about when I made them. I worked hard on them and then after some time, I got busy with my job or university and well…got bored. Then two weeks ago I bought this domain because I was really serious about blogging, (I still am, I swear) spent time on it, promoted it, planned content and where I want to take it in future, all in one week. Since the past two, three days though, I have started to feel bored and tired. It’s not because I haven’t been getting feedback or response. Today marks the 20th day of my site and as of now, I have close to a 1000 hits. Considering my lack of expertise, I don’t think my stats have been that bad. I still have a long way to go, a lot to learn and yet here I am writing and rewriting posts and then erasing them completely.

At the cost of sounding extremely dramatic, I want to tell the reader that I knew this day would come. This time though, I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to shove my hard work in a corner. Therefore I am writing this mumbo jumbo instead of the posts I had planned to work on so I can get rid of the monotony that my brain is protesting against. Now do you see why I don’t want to stick to a niche? Why I would like to write about anything and everything?

When I started writing this, I thought I’d just write about the book I am reading currently (The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins). You know stuff like what I think of the story, (it is very interesting, so far) how much I’ve read, (I’m on page 89) what genre does it belong to, (mystery) etc. I ended up writing this dramatic monologue instead. If you are reading this, I’m sorry. I really wanted to keep it interesting but I really can’t help it, I’m a very dramatic person.

#NowReading The Woman in White. Quite intriguing. #bookstagram #bookgram #bookmark #reading

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One thing I’m truly excited about is the guest blog that I will be posting tomorrow. I wanted to post it today but I didn’t want to steal the limelight of this masterpiece. Kidding, I don’t want to spam the inbox of my email subscribers. So stick around, a guest post is coming!

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6 rules of communication you should start following

By on March 17, 2017


Communicating with people is not exactly my forte. Naturally, there are a lot of awkward moments where I don’t know how to start a conversation, carry it forward or just put an end to it. Recently, however, I’ve been setting some rules for myself. Here are six rules everyone should follow when stuck in awkward situations.

Stop saying sorry for everything

‘I’m sorry I got caught in traffic.’

‘I’m sorry I am sick.’

‘I’m sorry my battery died.’

None of the above is exactly your fault, so why apologise? Save it for when it really matters, when you actually did something wrong. Saying sorry for everything makes the word lose its meaning and significance. It becomes more of an expression than an apology.

Learn to say NO

This has been said by so many people so many times but it doesn’t seem to be enough. If someone wants you to do something for them and you are not in a position to help them out, just refuse instead of making excuses or grudgingly agreeing. Unless, of course it’s someone who would put everything on hold for you. Then say yes.

Stick to your decisions

Like Salman Khan sticks to his commitment. I come across many people who are dillydallying between decisions. Even once they take one, they keep trying to justify their reasons for it. I honestly don’t understand why. If you think your decision will offend people and you feel sorry about that, you either shouldn’t have taken it in the first place or should have been prepared to face the brunt. And, if you realise your stance is wrong, admit it.

Don’t hold back appreciation

When you see someone working hard, doing something worthwhile and excelling at it, applaud their efforts. Often this is the only way you can show your support and it means a lot to the person who is already under a lot of pressure.

Be polite but don’t be Roohafza

Being polite is good, going overboard with it is not. Too much sweetness can be nauseous. People who are extra nice just come across as phony and insincere.

Stop beating around the bush

Let me tell you a story here. So I had, or if you insist on calling someone on your Facebook friend list your ‘friend’, have a friend who I hadn’t talked to in sometime. There was no fight or anything, we just drifted apart, got busy with our lives. One day she messaged me and told me off for around five minutes for being mean and never bothering to contact (was not to to be petty or anything but it pretty rich coming from her because she didn’t even invite me to her wedding).

Anyway she managed to make me feel bad and I apologised. Next thing she says is to give her brother some career counselling. And once I did, she had nothing to talk about anymore. The reason it pissed me off was she could have asked me that straight away instead of dragging me on a guilt trip.

Moral: if you want a favour from someone who you haven’t been in touch with for a while, kindly just tell them you need help without trying to act as if you care about their lives. The attempts are transparent and annoying. You can’t stay in touch with everyone but you might occasionally need their help and it’s ok to ask for it.

Do you have any tips to help people communicate better? Do share them in the comments. Or you can even write a compilation of the ways you interact with people as a guest blogger for my site. Click on the button below for details.

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