How to boost productivity? 6 habits that will make you efficient

Nothing wastes more potential than a lack of productivity. The failure to make the MOST of our time tarnishes our abilities and it doesn’t take long for us to feel demotivated.

Being the laziest person alive, I am trying to work really hard to get on top of my work. I’ve started with making a list of habits, easy habits, that I can incorporate into my daily routine and increase productivity. But since I’m also a very generous soul and I’m pretty sure some of us are in the same boat, I have decided to share that list with you.

Plan ahead

This is tip # 1. Now when I say ‘plan’, I don’t mean you map out every second of your life. Just a general outline would do. I won’t even call it a plan, more like ideas of what you would like to do and how. What it does is give you a direction. Of course, unexpected events might occur, disrupting everything you thought you would do. In that case, do it all over again 😛

When you plan short-term, like your day or week, note it down somewhere. For example, I wrote down the outline of this post in my notebook last week. The outline of my upcoming posts has also been down in my journal. If you are one of my subscribers, you already know what I’m going to post on Thursday from my newsletter I sent yesterday.

That didn’t mean I stuck to my own plan down to the last dot because I did unexpectedly post Logan’s review yesterday, something I should have done last week. The point is, I’m not entirely clueless and this has always helped me.

Hold on to your ideas

This is extremely important. Whether you are a student, teacher, artist, blogger or belong to some boring profession, you need to hold on to all those creative ideas that would make your job more interesting.

Ideas don’t always come to us when we sit down to brainstorm. So keep something with you to note them down wherever you are. Like I just mentioned, I keep a notebook. A lot of notebooks actually. If you are not the ‘diary type’ though, note them down in your phone. On the rare occasions when I don’t have a notebook, I use Evernote app on my phone. Whatever you find convenient.

Indulge in other activities

It’s impossible to feel inspired all the time and that affects your performance. So when you have one of those phases, try doing something else for a while. Instead of forcing yourself to work, go out for a walk, watch cat videos, doodle; anything that takes your mind off your surroundings. Give yourself some ‘me time’.

Kitaabi Keera bookmark by Phuljhari. ‘Kitaabi Keera’ translates to book worm.

I’ve been trying colour therapy, colouring patterns by a new brand called Phuljhari whose doodles are inspired by Pakistani culture and are great for shedding stress away.

Talk to family and friends

Spending time with people you love and are close to can do wonders to your energy level. When you are happy, you feel more motivated and inspired, work harder and hence are more productive.

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While you are with them, you can also discuss your work and ideas with friends and family and ask for feedback. They are the only ones that will be honest with and give suggestions to help you out.

Read, read, read

I’ve said it before and I stick to it. Read as much as you can. Whether it’s news, blogs, books, reviews; even if they don’t teach you anything, they will still take your mind off of things, if only for a while.

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read to gain knowledge. No matter what profession you are in, make sure you study about it if you really want to get ahead. Read success stories, guide books, articles or anything to get out of your box and start thinking from different angles.

Drink water

Caffeine might help you stay up but it is water that keeps you fresh. Believe it or not, water keeps away fatigue and keeps you active. And if that doesn’t boost productivity I don’t know what does.

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What do you do to increase productivity? Tell me in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “How to boost productivity? 6 habits that will make you efficient”

  1. These are some great tips. “No matter what profession you are in, make sure you study about it if you really want to get ahead.” is a good point.

  2. I absolutely love that you put reading on this list! I think reading different things (and often) is so important to boosting creativity and learning new things that can help you accomplish your goals 🙂 I also totally agree with the drinking water point. lol. so important.
    Great post!

  3. This is great! Just in my daily life I have so many thoughts like, “Oh, I need to _______!” throughout the day and end up forgetting a lot of them. Now that I’ve started blogging, ideas for posts, projects ad social media come to me ALL THE TIME. I always feel like I’ll remember them, but if I don’t write them down I usually end up forgetting.

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