Does sharing less on social media make you more confident?

social media sharing

For quite sometime I have been holding myself back from sharing as much as I’d like to on my social media accounts because of one reason: what are people going to think of me if I post this picture or share this article? I’ve always loved using social media platforms. I would share pictures, articles and memes on Facebook on an almost daily basis, post stupid selfies on Instagram, add trivial moments on my Snapchat and comment on every passing…

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3 Phases you go through when you try asking directions on the roads of Karachi

directions roads Karachi

Every Karachiite knows that even if you’ve lived in Karachi all your life, it is impossible for you to remember all the twists and turns of its roads. Even Google maps fail to help you with the complicated street and road names. So, no matter how much you try to avoid it, you have to pull up at some point and ask people for directions. Luckily, everyone in this city is ever ready to help you, even if they aren’t…

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Book review: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Caraval book reiew

When I received Caraval I wasn’t even sure I’d read the book, let alone review it. But then, late one night, as I watched it sitting on my bookshelf in its mysterious black and golden cover, I decided to give it a try. By the time I finished it, the sun was raining gold and I knew I had to write another review.   Also read Fantasy fiction book review: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake  I couldn’t do it though. Right…

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Life is helping me out but I’m in a state of not giving a damn

don't give a damn

It’s not that I haven’t had much to do in life. The past couple of months of my life have been very happening indeed, thank you very much. Here are some highlights: I got a new job I got duped by a person I thought was a friend when I was already at a low point in life. And that person knew it, in case you were wondering. #SedLyf My best friend got married! 😀 Oh, and a cousin too.…

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Fantasy fiction book review: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

There are two reasons for me to write a book review: either I love it or hate it. The ones in between…meh who cares? Kidding. Three Dark Crowns was on my reading list for quite some time for the sole reason of it being a fantasy fiction. Even before I read it, I knew I was going to write a book review of it. It contradicts my earlier statement but sometimes you get that feeling right, where you just know…

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How to be a bookstagrammer in Pakistan?

So after a long, long, long time here is a brand new guest post by bookstagrammer Tooba Pasha, who actually sent it to me weeks ago but combine laziness with a bit of social life (which is usually attending family) and tada, you have an ignored blog. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Happy reading! Bookstagramming isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Instagram, especially in Pakistan. From promoting businesses to sharing gorgeous selfies, political opinions,…

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Pakistan won the CT17 and we are over the moon

pakistan c17

So the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 (CT17) was finally over on Sunday and not only did Pakistan make it to the finals, IT DEFEATED INDIA!!! If anything could make the final victory sweeter, that was it, especially after the humiliating defeat we suffered at its hands in the first match. The cherry on top? Pakistan defeated India from a bigger margin than the latter beat us from. 180 runs, say what? Everyone was over the moon, including the Pakistani Twitterati,…

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My department store cosmetics haul

department store cosmetics

When it comes to daily makeup regimen, spending on department store cosmetics is the most sensible thing to do. Why go to an expensive store when you can get them cheap right? With this thought in mind, I took a trip to the department store where I wandered around, peeking at rows of shelves while my mom bought the boring stuff. Here is what I ended up buying: (Note: None of the brands are endorsed) Face wipes   These are…

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